Smart Shopping During the Holiday Season

Nothing’s more stressful than trying to get something to ship on time before Christmas Eve or New Years or having enough of a budget to buy gifts. I certainly don’t want to shop months in advance without any holiday savings or discounts that seem to only run after Black Friday (US) near the end of November. So what to do? Here are a few tips…


Use a shopping price match and/or tagging service

ShopTagrThere are many free options, I currently use and love ShopTagr, it’s been growing in popularity since the summer — not sponsored! It’s an extension on your browser and it provides a personalized page where you can categorize and add all the items you’re eyeing while they’re full priced. If the online store is supported, you will immediately add the item into your page. If it isn’t, they’ll eventually add it to their system and will update their list of supported stores, simply from analyzing where you tried to add an item. You can customize when you want them to notify you, such as 25%, 50% or any price change or restock of an item. You may come across a bug or two when it comes to tracking but it’s generally quick to notify you via email of new changes or updates from the team.

For those with who shop at Amazon, CamelCamelCamel is a great data system, also a browser extension, for watching prices rise and fall for a particular item. You can catch when the item has an actual rebate vs a false discount… we all know that happens in EVERY store… cough “80% off” cough.


💵💵💵Cash back cash back cash back! 💵💵💵

I’ll be focused more on services available in Canada since I find there’s a lack of focus here.

The all famous is a well-known cash back service that is free to use. They often have double cash back events that change every week. As you can see from my screenshot I’ve gotten about $70 CAD back since I’ve started using this. I’m not a mega shopper if you’re worried about having to spend a lot in order to get some returns. You just have to time it well with a cashback event.


Another great one but less popular is the Great Canadian Rebates. Although their UI is very not modern and is somewhat stuck in the 2000s, it is still a legitimate site for cash back, I’ve received a few payments from them already. You might judge for how the user interface looks but sometimes their cash back rates are way better than Ebates!


BIG TIP: If you use an ad blocker, make sure you disable it before you even click on those cash back links. Otherwise the tracker will not work and you will not get paid!

Here are my referral links, if this post helped you out – thank you in advance!

Ebates Referral Link
Great Canadian Rebates Referral Link


Use a shipping tracking service/app

Nothing’s more annoying than tracking each individual shipping number on several separate courier websites. There are free services that allow you to track all your shopping orders in one place and get organized. Here’s my list, none are affiliated links.

17Track Available on web, Android, iOS, Windows – Free to use, web app does not need account registration.

Aftership Available on web, Android, iOS – Modern simplistic tracking service for your account, updates quicker than Canada Post website (oh girl… I could go on for days). Has a free plan and supports over 400 carriers. Currently my holy grail.

Arrive Available on iOS only – Free to use, tracks the entire path and shipment process supporting over 400 carriers.

PackageTrackr Available on web only – Free to use, no need for account registration.

For those who are in Eastern Canada and has shopped on Amazon, you should know about the Intelcom shipping services. They’re unfortunately not available on most online tracking services since they’re a small company, luckily they have their own page for it (exclusively for Amazon orders).

Of course I’d suggest free shipping as always to save some money and always try to estimate the amount of time it needs before it delivers to you. If it’s untracked, you will most likely have to wait 3-6 weeks during the busy seasons, if it’s really the case, I’d suggest paying $2-3 more for a tracking number (most Ebay stores will offer that). It’ll be less of a headache for you. Always check their shipping/delivery policies, they’ll often list a table of countries that they can send to and an approximate delivery window for the time it needs.


I hope these tips will lighten the stress during such a wonderful time of the year. Happy holidays to all! Stay warm and snuggly.

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