20170930155502-DSCF1223-IridientEditHi there! I’m a full-time software engineer by day and a hobbyist by night. So what does this all mean? I keep myself busy, wether it’s Youtube, Instagram, Netflix (if you can even count those), crafting, computer building, gaming etc.

On a more serious note, I have many side interests and this blog focuses on a few while I have other passions for such as food and cats 🐱.

I code. I read code. I write code. It’s challenging and also rewarding. It also wasn’t my first choice in university, or as Americans call it, college but I absolutely love it.

I live in one of the most multicultural cities in Canada, Montreal. It’s a beautiful city, if you ever have the chance to visit, please do! { Fun fact: Montreal has a huge gaming industry! We have Warner Brothers, EA, Ubisoft, Behaviour Interactive etc among the many. }

Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and come back again soon for more content!


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